Battlefield V Trailer Pushed Bro Gamers Over The Edge.

Last night, live on YouTube the new Battlefield game trailer was revealed and like everything nowadays there soon followed much foaming at the mouth and spitting of rage.

A certain section of gamers and fans of the series went apocalyptic over the use of a female character in the trailer, raging at the developers for being ‘historically inaccurate’ with the new content, because it featured a woman.

It didn’t matter that tanks careered through buildings, trucks were dropping out of the sky, planes were crashing all around whilst soldiers, complete with facepaint, biker jackets, mohawk hair and metal prosthetic hands were jumping through top floor windows unscathed. No, these excessive, disproportionate details were fine, it was the inclusion of a female character which shat all over every aspect of the ‘historical accuracy’ this game was selling.

It’s a fucking video game with over-the-top action which is engineered to excite and entertain the player and the only true way this can be achieved is when reality is detached. Unsurpisingly the trailer took a beating on social media with bro-gamers using the hashtags #genderfield and #notmybattlefield.

Fans, who weren’t gagging on their toxic masculinity, were delighted to learn that the new Battlefield game won’t have a pay to win system or premium pass, meaning loot boxes won’t feature and once you buy the game any additional content will be free. Personally we can’t wait to see more.

Battlefield V is scheduled for release on Ocotber 19th.