Angry Farmer Runs Hunt Saboteurs Over With His Quad Bike.

Fox hunting is for twats.

Getting all steamed up over your right to kill a scared, defenceless creature automatically categorises you as a twat.

More so when you become so enraged by those who are preventing your tragic blood-lust that your instinctive neanderthal reaction is to become violent.

The video above was shot by the West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs who found themselves confronted by an angry farmer, demanding that they vacate his land, where a hunt was underway. Sorry, by demanding they left we mean he drove up to them at speed and started throwing punches. When the group remained peaceful and failed to retaliate this triggers the bolier-suited dolt further who straddled his quad bike and knocked them over into a ditch, even though they were actively leaving.

The video concludes with a bald, portly gent threatening physical violence towards a woman, (always a classy move), and a young lad announcing that he was going to get his knob out. Not quite sure how that would act as a deterrent, unless it was an extremely ugly knob.

All in all, further proof we are failing as a species.