Powerbreather Device Allows Swimmers To Breathe Continuously.

There’s nothing more annoying than having to breathe when you’re swimming. It’s such a hassle but apparently some egghead in a lab coat insists if you don’t you will ‘drown’. Thankfully someone has gone and invented a portable breathing device for swimmers called the Powerbreather, which means you’ll never need to lift your stupid, big head out of the water again. Hopefully this company can invent a portable propulsion device for swimmers too that way you won’t need to flap your feet or move your arms.

(via I Heart Chaos)


  1. Me says:

    This is NOTHING to do with Powerbreathe but ‘Powerbreather’. Please note the distinction and do NOT associate Powerbreathe with this product. Thanks.

  2. Dunc says:

    Its not a Powerbreathe, they look and work completely differently

    1. hmsfriday says:

      Oops our mistake. We’ve added in the all important ‘r’ now. So you can take a breath, (see what we did there?) and RELAX!

  3. Me says:

    Thanks so much, it sure is an important ‘r’ and it’s much appreciated. I can now breathe again!