Mark Martel Sounds Exactly Like Freddie Mercury.

We initially had the headline: ‘Dude Nails Freddie Mercury‘, no prizes for guessing why we decided against it.

This young man really could pass for the son of Freddie Mercury, he has the voice and certainly looks similar to Queen’s frontman as his audition tape for ‘Somebody To Love’ proves. But we all know that would be impossible…or would it?

*looks out deerstalker hat and magnifying glass*

UPDATE: This guy’s name is Mark Martel, a singer from Canada who used to front an award winning Christian rock band called Downhere. There seems to be no end to this young man’s talents as the video below demonstrates. Mark it seems is in love with music and can turn his voice to pretty much any genre including opera.

This Ladies and Gentlemen is real talent, good old fashioned talent and we’ll bet our ship that Mark Martel will be a great, big shining star in the not too distant future…if singing doesn’t give him a living then he could always be a John Barrowman lookalike.



  1. Canadiangirl says:

    I am quite certain that Mark actually is STILL part of the band Downhere – I believe they tour again in February. here is their website!

  2. Andy Watson says:

    Is there no type of voice you can’t sing mark, truely a born entertainer

  3. John Grant says:

    Not quite freddie tho! But awsome voice!. thanks Mark.