David Starkey Thinks Whites Have Become Blacks In The UK.

We could fill up this entire website with our thoughts and opinions about historian David Starkey. Yes the man does have an impressive intellect but he’s rude, (in a very nasty fashion), pretentious, is shamelessly elitist and an unapologetic snob and has for the last few years appeared on live debates solely to be provocative and offensive. In effect he’s a one-trick-pony.

Here’s a video of his recent appearance on BBC’s Newsnight, along with author Owen Jones and broadcaster Dreda Say Mitchell, to debate the reasons why people, (of all races), looted and rioted in the streets of London and England over the last few days. Starkey not only cites a passage from Enoch Powell’s infamous Rivers Of Blood Speech

“His prophesy was absolutely right in one sense. The Tiber didn’t foam with blood, but flames lambent wrapped round Tottenham and wrapped round Clapham. But it wasn’t inter-communal violence. This is where he was completely wrong”

…and if that move wasn’t close enough to the cliff-edge, he then fails to state which parts of Powell’s speech, (according to Starkey), weren’t completely wrong.

The problem with this debate was that Starkey wasn’t challenged enough, he wasn’t forced into a corner by anyone on the programme to explain his views more thoroughly, which is why newspapers and websites are now struggling to understand if he was being racist or not. Some may argue, including us, that this is just simply what David Starkey does best.



  1. Tom says:

    This is so silly.

    Of course he’s right. The rap music that young blacks love celebrates violence. Further, the rate at which Blacks muder, physically assault, steal, and rape is vastly higher than the rates associated with Asians and Whites, even after controlling for educational and economic status.

    No White or Asian would ever choose to live in a neighborhood that was 70% or more Black. The danger would be to great.

    Last but not least, the Black population over flows with persons who hate not only Whites, but also Asians. They despise Asians because they think Asians look down on them, which is true. Yes, Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, along with Arabs, do view Blacks as routinely violent and routinely incline towards criminality.

    What else is new?