Banksy App For The iPhone.

Here’s an iPhone app which will allow you to locate the works of Banksy, a political and satirical street artist, (vandal).

Banksy Locations was created by Simon Hassett, (who must know the dark arts), a self-confessed Banksy fan who wanted to know where his favourite artist’s other work was located. He explains on his website:

Like millions around the world, I’m a massive Banksy fan and I grew frustrated that when I was in different cities where I knew Banksy’s works existed and I had no idea where they were! Hours of my life were wasted whilst I would scour the streets to source an original work. Creating this app was a logical decision. One that I hope others will benefit from too.

The app uses the iPhone’s built in GPS and users can easily find works by Banksy by relying on a community of users to update finds for others to locate and enjoy.  Chart a course for more on this app HERE.