Woman Dies After Having Coitus With A Dog.

Where to begin? Ok, let’s make this brief.

Fifty seven year-old Sean McDonnell was charged by Limerick police in Ireland for ordering his Alsatian dog to have sex with a 43 year-old mother of two who subsequently died due to an allergic reaction.

How the f@ck did this happen? Well it turns out that the woman and McDonnell had previously arranged this sexy encounter on a…wait for it…bestiality Internet chat room. Therefore the sex was consensuel, but if found guilty McDonnell could face a life sentence in prison. The woman, who was rushed to hospital following her ‘canine rendezvous’ died shortly later of anaphylaxis.  The incident happened back in October 2008 and the dog has been kept in quarantine since then.

Yet further indisputable proof that we are failing as a species.

(via The Journal)