Avast! Trailer For Buck – The Real Life Horse Whisperer.


Horses and hugs all round.

The trailer above is for a documentary about Buck Brannaman a renowned American horse whisperer and trainer. The film lifted the Documentary Audience Award at Sundance this year and tells the story of a man who started life dealing with an abusive childhood who then went on to work with horses which had also endured abuse.

Apparently there isn’t a single thing you could tell Buck about horses that the man doesn’t know already:

‘…Buck possesses near magical abilities as he dramatically transforms horses – and people – with his understanding, compassion and respect. In this film, the animal-human relationship becomes a metaphor for facing the daily challenges of life.’

Mmmm, we’ve watched a different film many years ago which had an ‘animal-human relationship‘…very, very different film indeed.