Avast! Trailer For The Robber.

Back in the 90s there lived a German criminal who had two passions in life, one was running marathons and the other was robbing banks and he managed to combine both to some effect.

The trailer above for German film The Robber, starring Andreas Lust, is the movie adaptation of the real-life story of runner and robber Johann Kastenberger, who’s actions prompted police to launch one of the largest nationwide manhunts after he had robbed around six banks.

The media dubbed Kastenberger¬† ‘Pump-gun Ronnie‘ on account of his weapon of choice and the Ronald Reagan mask he wore during heists. Apart from releaving banks of their cash and occasionally killing people, to this day he still suspected of three murders, Kastenberger was quite the athlete winning several national races in Austria during the 80s.

The Robber is set for theatrical release later this month.