Begad! Pints That Fill Up From The Bottom?

Pints of  grog which fill up from the bottom to the top? This is madness, complete madness surely the person responsible for this machine is well versed in the dark arts? Apparently it’s actually very simple, specially designed glasses, which can only be used with the Bottoms Up Dispensing System,  have a magnetic flapper on the base which pushes up once placed on the dispenser cylinder, which then fills the glass from the bottom up at lightening speed. When the glass is removed from the machine the magnetic flapper closes the hole in the bottom of the glass. One of the main advantages to a system like this is you can pour many more pints in a short space of time because when you fill beer from the bottom up you don’t create foam therefore you get a quicker fill. But probably the smartest thing about this system is that companies can place adverts on the magnetic flappers on the bottom of the glasses. Genius. (via The Spoiler).

If you want to know more about the Bottoms Up Dispensing System chart a course for HERE.