Xmas Lights In Time To Slayer.

Yes, this may be a year old and yes we are fully aware that it may not be genuine but that doesn’t lessen the sheer joy we get from watching it. Apparently, (if you are to believe the original story), a Slayer fan, (yes, they still exisit), in Southern California programmed his Chrsitmas house lights to run in time to Slayer’s ‘Raining Blood’. The man who’s wife must have left him by now, explained: ‘This is done using Lightorama controllers. The lights at the end of the song are on for only a tenth of a second at a time. This was up in 2009. Now that it’s a big hit I will be programming a new song for 2010 and get it up hoepfully before Xmas.

We will be waiting mysterious, anonymous, (quite possibly divorced), Slayer fan. We will be waiting.