Afternoon Dubloons – Links In Brief(s).

  Last Year is a clever horror game where you can play as the slasher or the survivor – (Kickstarter) A mind melting Delta Force take on the POW/MIA government cover-up – (Mysterious Universe) Slow motion video of a fly being zapped by an electric zapper – (Laughing Squid) Movie website Sequels Prequels have concerns…


Mass Biker Gang Run From Cops.

This six minute video shows a gang of bikers, not an actual biker gang, but a collection of dickheads on various different types of motobikes pulling wheelies, tyre burning and generally putting everyone’s lives around them on the road at risk. From the ouset there’s a lone police cruiser trying to intervene and stop the…


Rare Footage Of An Anglerfish.

The video above was taken by Bruce Robison and his team at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute and shows extremely rare footage of a deep water Anglerfish. They can grow as large as 3.3ft in length but the one in the video is a mere three and a half inches long. Doesn’t matter that…


Black Friday Chaos In The UK.

This video was shoot in Tesco’s next to Glasgow’s Silverburn Shopping Centre, where customers were brawling over flat screen TVs which were for sale during Black Friday. A day where people breath out of their mouths and buy even more shite they don’t need, with money they don’t have.